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​​​​                         Please make sure to read everything posted about the adult on this page

At times I have an adult that is in need of finding a retirement home to call there own. I do wish I could keep them all but the dogs deserve there own home and being able to take part in their family daily life and being able to live in there family home every day and be spoiled even more than they are here.

I don't have kids or cats here so I will never promote my dogs as being kid-friendly dogs so please keep that in mind. 

  I do require setting a time to come out and meet the dog you're interested in and spend time with us and the dog and see if it will be a good fit for you and our dog.  

these dogs have had a lot of freedoms and I know not everyone can give them that same freedom but most of our dogs would be fine with that if their new people will spend time with them and make them a part of the family and treat them like that. 

I never want one of my dogs or puppies to go to their new home and be put out in the back yard and be forgotten about these are not yard gnomes these are the most loving and forgiving things on earth
(I think us as people could take some lessons from them)  they care for you even when you don't care for your self.  Our dogs and puppies stay with us till the right home comes along we never have or will take them to a shelter they are a very big part of our lives and always will be even once they have found there forever home.

 Please contact me if you have any questions  970-948-3729 

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Penny is a very sweet girl that everyone loves her. Penny has the nickname the "Lizard "  being she loves to give people kisses. She is one that loves everyone she meets. She is so easy to have around she gets along great with all the other dogs she has never been around cats and not many kids so I would not recommend her for homes with cats or young kids. Penny idea home would be with someone that would take her with them all the time being she loves going for rides in the car and does very well.  Penny is more than happy to hang out with her people she does not require a lot of exercises but she would make a great hiking buddy and walks well on the leash. She is one that likes to chase rabbits from time to time.  Penny is not crate trained she sleeps most of the time on our couch or bed when it's her turn to be in the house.

Penny is one that has growl at the other dogs when at the food bowl but has not done any more than that.    Penny is 4 years old this year she is up to date on shots and is already spayed.  Penny will come with her shots up to date and all her Vet records.  There will be a rehoming fee of $400 cash only