I will post pictures of the new puppies within 24 hours of being born. I don't take any deposit till the puppies have arrived and are posted on my website so please make sure to check back I will keep you updated.  If you find a puppy you want please get a hold of me. I will need a young puppy contract that I will email you to be filled out along with a $150 deposit to hold your puppy. You will have 4 days to get me the deposit and contract to me. Once I get the deposit and contract I will take your puppy from the website and email you weekly updates with pictures of your puppy and videos once your puppy starts getting active. 

If you decide there is an available puppy you like better than the one you first picked you can swap puppies only ONE time. In order to do this, the oldest puppy in the swap can't be over 7 weeks of age, You also can't move a deposit to a litter that not born yet.                                                                                                                         

 Black and Red Tri puppies can range from $ 800 to $1300.  Blue and Red Merle's range from $ 1500 to $1900



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If you want to come out and meet us and the dogs and puppies. We welcome visitors Monday through Saturday. By appointment only.

Sales Status

  • Available - Puppy is available for purchase.

  • Hold - Spoken for but no total commitment on deposit yet I allow 2 days. 
  • Sale Pending - I will hold a puppy for 4 days after a commitment has been made for the deposit and young puppy contract that I will email you to arrive. If a deposit and contract have not arrived by the 4th-day puppy will be put back on the market. 
  • Sold - I either have money put down for a deposit or puppy is paid for in full.
  • Reserved - I have the puppy on hold to evaluate for my breeding program. Inquire if interested in a reserved puppy as it "might" be for sale in time.


 Please make sure to look at our PUPPY PAGE 1You will find a lot of good info about our program and what you can expect from us when you get your new family member from us. You will find my contact info on the contact page.

If you are looking for a puppy that is ready to go now look on Puppy Page 1 


                                       Sandy                                                                  Kit

 Are due to have puppies April 21 they should be ready for there new home sometime in June. We could get all sizes and colors with a chance of blue eyes. 

Puppies 2 Page

Upcoming Litter Due In March on Puppy Page 1

Litters due in April

Koni's Kennel LLC

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Please make sure to leave a message if you don't get me. 

                   Kai                                                                                 Kit

 Are due April 28 the puppies will be ready sometime in June with Kai and Kit being our biggest dogs we will likely have puppies that be in there size 16 inches 25-35 lbs 


              Make sure to look at PUPPY PAGE 1 for the other litter on the way in March

If you would like to see pictures of some of our past puppies. Please go to the CONTACT PAGE

, and you will find some of our past puppies there.
                                                                                                   Thank you