P-1 Blue Merle Boy- he  has pretty blue eye  $2500 Pet Price Available



If you would like to see pictures of some of our past puppies. Please go to the CONTACT PAGE, and you will find some of our past puppies there.
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                                     Pearl                                                                            Kit

 born on 05-16 will be ready for their new homes  07-11 they should be 14 to 16 inches tall and 20-25 lbs when grown.

Starting with the boys

The Only Girl Left

P-2 Minimum Blue Merle Boy-  he is a unique color he has gray like his brothers but has more black than gray. $1500 Pet Price Available

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If you want to come out and meet us and the dogs and puppies. We welcome visitors Monday through Saturday. By appointment only.

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Please make sure to leave a message if you don't get me. 


SA-1 Blue Merle Boy- he has one blue eye and one brown it looks like $2500 Pet Price Available

Sales Status

  • Available - Puppy is available for purchase.

  • Hold - Spoken for but no total commitment on deposit yet I allow 2 days. 
  • Sale Pending - I will hold a puppy for 4 days after a commitment has been made for the deposit and young puppy contract that I will email you to arrive. If a deposit and contract have not arrived by the 4th-day puppy will be put back on the market. 
  • Sold - I either have money put down for a deposit or puppy is paid for in full.
  • Reserved - I have the puppy on hold to evaluate for my breeding program. Inquire if interested in a reserved puppy as it "might" be for sale in time.

P-6 Black Tri Girl- look at all that cooper $1500 Pet Price Available

Puppies 2 Page

                                 Sandy                                                                    Kit      

had puppies on 5 -21  will be ready for their new home on 7-16 should grow up to be 15-16 inches tall and 20-25 lbs once grown

P-3 Blue Merle Boy- he is the biggest in the litter he has 2 pretty blue eyes $2500 Pet Price Available

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 Please make sure to look at our PUPPY PAGE 1You will find a lot of good info about our program and what you can expect from us when you get your new family member from us. You will find my contact info on the contact page.

We have available puppies on puppy page 1. I don't know when we will have more litter of puppies but threw out this year we will have more.