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Char- AKA Charlie- Red Tri full wide collar with 2 of the brights blue eyes around. Charlie is one of the most handsome guys. Charlie is 14 1/4 inches tall and 20-25 lbs. He has a very heavy bone along with a wide head. Charlie has a hair coat that is unreal. He is fully tested and is 100% clear for 150 genetic diseases

Kitta - AKA Kit is one of sweet stud dogs. Both of his parents are large toys so I am in hopes of keeping the future puppies 13-15 inches tall and 15-25 lbs  Kit has a very fun personality and loves to cuddle. He should give us blue eyes along with the heavy hair coats Aussies are known for he has good bone.  Kit is 17 inches tall and 20- 25 lbs.  He has siblings that are showing all over the USA and are winning everything.  

He is fully tested and clear CEA, CH, CD, DM, HC, JC, HUU, MDR1, CMR1, NCL, NCL6, PRA-PRCD.


                                                                                  OUR BOY'S

All of our adult dogs are tested for PRA along with HC and MRD1. They are Clear or also known as N/N  or are Carrier. You can see the test with each dog. You can go to Genetic Testing page get more info on what each test means.

​ My boys are fully tested on the full  Mini Aussie genetic disease testing that Paw Print offers. CEA, CH, CD, DM, HC, JC, HUU, MDR1, CMR1, NCL, NCL6, PRA-PRCD


Our dogs not only help us make a living but they are what put a smile on our face daily.

I could not imagine my life without my dogs. Our dogs have it pretty hard around here. Chase rabbit, play in the snow, hang out in the shade and watch us go about our daily chores. They love going to town and when we go they all go. We take our dogs into the store that will allow it and try to do as much one on one time as we can.  They all take turns staying in the house at night.




    " A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself " 


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