Hi Koni!

Just wanted to check in and let you know Benelli is such a love bug!  She learned commands so quickly - she has mastered sit, down, shake & rollover!  She loves hugging us, literally- she wraps her front legs around our neck!  We are so happy she is part of our family!  She is 4 months old now and weighs 5.6 pounds.   She is tiny and moves like lightning! 

We are excited for the upcoming litters!  Can you please send us a new puppy contract.  We are anxiously waiting to see Wilma's puppies.

All the best, 
Kristen Anderson 

Daughter of Sadie and Coty her full sister is below  8-19

Hope all is well! Ackley is almost one year old and it's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by. Thought you would enjoy pictures of him having fun in the snow. As my daughter would say, "he is perfect"! We love him so much. He's a great person- I mean dog! 

Christy Meyer                     ( Son of Addie & Giovani 1-17

Abby is really settling in, she is a wonderful, sweet, great dog! She is doing really well in her puppy class (the star pupil :)) and surprises us everyday with how smart she is! She loves to socialize with other dogs and people as well. She has brought us such joy, we don't know how we survived life without her! Thank you so much!!!
Best, The Moellers

" Murphy " he lives with Maegan DePriest. Megan wrote - Everyone at work calls him our therapy dog they sneak over to my office to get a little Murphy love.

Daughter of Tam & Kreedyn 9-30-14

Hi there!! 
We just wanted to send an update on little miss Ellie! We got her from you this last January from your November 8th litter last year:) we are absolutely in love with this little girl! She may be a toy, but she makes up for her small size with personality! We think her ears are very cute! We get complements all the time about her gorgeous eyes and color! Ellie now has two other sisters, and the three girls are inseparable! Ellie manages to steal the hearts of everyone she meets! Ellie is a huge 10 pounds and still has a princess personality! Attached are some pictures of Ellie (& her sisters) !
Thank you again for this amazing little girl! We love her dearly!!!
Devon and Brittany Rose

 " Kitty" living with Robert & Britta

Son of Kali & Kreedyn 11-13

Daughter of Kali & Kreedyn 9-13

Son of Classy & Kreedyn 7-14 

Taz is doing wonderful! We have had him for almost six weeks and he is just a little over three months old. He is a very active puppy that loves attention, playing at the park and socializing at puppy class! Taz knows quiet a number of tricks; sit, lay down, leave it, roll over, just to name a few. He is such a sweet puppy but he also loves to chew... his favorite being shoes! Although, you can't stay mad because of his adorable face! Thanks for sharing this amazing puppy with us; we love him so much!!

Here is Taz last week on the 4th of July. He was very patriotic! 

Brian and Audry 

Daughter of Sky & Kreedyn 3-16

Just wanted to send you a picture of Lucy on her one year birthday April 17. She is a wonderful dog. Very smart and very active. She loves to play with her soccer ball. We are so glad to have her as a part of our family.
Gene and Janet Belovarac 

Hi Koni,
It's been awhile since I last sent you any update so I thought you might like to see how Gatsby is getting along. He is a true mountain dog these days. Peter and I rented a cabin near Winter Park and have taken him on several trips. He LOVES the snow.
I took him to the vet last week for a little eye infection that I think he picked up from another pup and when they weighed him he was 28 pounds! I can't believe how big he's gotten.
Everyone he meets falls in love with him and comments on how beautiful of a dog he is. Just thought you should know how much we enjoy him. Hope you are well. Take care.

~Crystal Jasch

 " Maggie" lives with the Baumgartner family the kids are doing  great with showing her in 4 H

( letter on Happy Buyer page)

Daughter of Classy & Kreedyn 7-14

Daughter of Tam & Kreedyn 4-16

Make sure to check out the Happy Buyers page you will find more great letters and pictures of my past puppies and their new family's.
I have some of the best puppy buyers ever... not only do they give the puppies great home and make them part of their family but they still share the joy the puppies continue to bring to their lives. Many of these buyers have sent me letters I have noted parents with the photos below if you would like to read them. You can see why I love doing what I do.... it brings a smile to my face each time and joy to my heart when I read them I hope it will you too. 

''Bo'' is living and working with Tony Anzalone on Big Valley Ranch, WY 

( Letter Happy Puppy buyer)

Daughter of Tam & Kreedyn 8-13

Hi Koni,

 Abby loves agility at 9 months, is 17-1/2 inches tall at whithers. We love that she is on the larger size (almost 35 lbs.) because we bought a cabin in the mountains near Divide, Co, and there are lots of critters around. Her personality is great, though recently, she has been barking at strangers, particularly men, that come to the door, such as repairmen, etc. Although when we take her to the dog park, she is fine with other people that are there with their dogs, doesn't bark at them, etc. She is a bit more cautious with men petting her that she doesn't know.
We think her personality is wonderful. 

Jill Moeller

Blu is the son of Bella & Bowzer 
Buka is the son of Deja & Kreedyn 10-14

son of Lola 2012/2013

Both Daughter of Kreedyn

Son of Bella & Kreedyn 5/13 

" Finn" lives with Sean Homburger 

He is about 6 1/2 months old now. He is doing wonderful and has turned out to be a very beautiful, healthy and wonderful dog with a great personality. Like the other dogs I saw at your farm, he is a jumper and loves learning tricks in the air. He is about 14 inches tall and about 22-24 inches long.



I just wanted to catch up with you!

We named the 4.8lb. fuzzy fur ball that we brought home...Izzy.  She weighs almost 12lbs. now. She eats and plays until she stops and takes a good long nap. House training didn't take long with many rewards to help. Her sharp puppy teeth and nipping we still find challenging. Along with her being "underfoot" anywhere, we go!   Our backyard and deck have to be her favorite spot, give or take at the end of the day when she's curled up at either Ron or I's feet (keeping them warm for us). She is crate trained for when we go run errands and overnight.  Izzy sits by the front door at just the right time for Alexis to come home from school, then they take their daily walk around our cul-de-sac and to get the mail. 

It has been a learning, growing and adjustment time for all of us...sometimes we wondered what we got ourselves into.  However, talking to other "puppy newbie families"  it's all worth it and we will get through the puppy phase. We are signed up for puppy classes and we will all learn a lot together.

We have looked on your website. WOW, you have your hands full with all those new puppies. 

Thanks again for our IZZY.  We love and adore her!!                                                                                                                                                                    Daughter of Wilma and Nova     12-19                                                                                                
Ron, Annie, Alexis, and Izzy

Hi Koni,

Well the little monkey is 4 months old and just as fun as can possibly be. She has the cutest personality ever and she is a star everywhere we go...we can't walk 10 feet without hearing how cute she is, can they pet her, 10 questions about what she is, how big she'll get, etc. It's pretty funny!
She just got the last of her puppy shots, so we'll be starting puppy school soon. She can sit, but that's about all we've tried to teach her (besides potty training!). We figured she should just get to be a puppy for awhile. :)
She's been out to the barn with me (loves horses!), went to a horse show, she's gone to the top of Mt. Evans...we call it "Adventures with Kona" and boy is she adventurous....on our walks, she is exploring everything and love to rolls around and run in the grass. 
The picture with her legs stuck out, she lays like that all the time, it's hilarious! And she lays on the air conditioning vents to cool down (so cute and so smart!).

Hope you are doing well. -Kerri

I would like for you to meet Blu with the pretty bright blue eyes and the very cute little red merle boy is Buka
The two boys are starting to form a sweet little relationship; they like to play and have started sleeping next to one another...photo attached, makes my heart sing! 
We love both these pups and are grateful beyond measure for you for bringing them into our lives!

Chris & Nichole Golden

We are enjoying him so much. He's a sweet mellow guy but also fun and active as you can see. He loves everyone and is a happy dog.

Steve and Kathy Price

Hi Koni
Just wanted to share with you our Tula and her beauty. She is amazing. Such a luv bug and so smart and so loyal and so good. She luvs her frisbee She is seriously such a special being. I honestly have never been around an animal who is so connected and attuned to the ones she trusts and loves
So very grateful
Hope you all are well
Mia, Matt and Tula bean

Son of Kali & Kreedyn 4/13

Koni's Kennel LLC

Hello Koni!

Kaida is almost 4 months old now and she is growing so fast we can hardly believe it! She is so smart, she's learned sit, down, and shake, can fetch (for the most part), and is making progress with stay. All without obedience classes! A few days ago she also got the hang of bell training, and has been consistently letting us know when she's ready to go potty. She loves people and other dogs, especially her friends in the neighborhood (which include three other puppies and a husky/German shepherd mix). She is a bundle of excitement and love, and we cannot thank you enough for giving her to us!

Thanks again,
Kelsey Macknight

"Tucker" lives with Amanda
Son of Lola

Hi Koni,
We’re celebrating Iris’ (Macy/Coty 3/24/18) 1st birthday today and I wanted to say hi. Iris is fun and outgoing and is doing great. She’s Very obedient and is continually learning new things. She’s really turned into a beautiful dog and gets compliments regularly. Hope you and Dan are well. 

Mike Mills                 Daughter of Macy and Coty 03-19

This is Gatsby he lives with Pete & Crystal

Son of Magnum & Classy 10-15

"Kate" lives with Joseph and Michelle Sebik.

daughter of Kali 

" Elli" She's 15" tall & 23lbs. lives with Pam & Larry Wendel. 

I hear she is does great with the puppy classes

Son of Sky& Kreedyn 4/13

Daughter of Kali & Kreedyn 10-15

Hi Koni

I realized that we had not sent you any photos of our little puppy, Penny (who lives with the British family in Castle Rock)
We must let you know that she is absolutely adorable, has a wonderful gentle temperament, and we couldn't be happier! She enjoys puppy socialization classes and soon she will be starting obedience classes. She loves going for walks ,and chasing the lab around the yard as he catches a frisbee. She can also carry a frisbee.....but with difficulty!
She is now about 13 to 14lbs in weight at 5 months, she has had all her shots, and her spaying will probably take place at the end of March.

You can see that she is still very pretty and cute - she gets lots of "oohs and ahhs" where ever she goes!

Best Regards
Sue and Steve Card + Oliver, Alex and Isabella
                                  Penny is a full sister to Finn the puppy below

Stella lives with Clint, Shelly, & Maks 

This bring a big smile to my face this is why I raise Mini Aussies :)

Copper sister from same litter is below ( Son of Giovanni and Classy 11-16)

Son of Tam & Kreedyn 6-13

Daughter of Kali & Kreedyn 6-13

Son of Lola & Kreedyn 3-14 

Hi Koni!
I hope all is well! Here is a little blurb about our amazing puppy for you to put on your brag page

McFly is now 9 months old and he is the king of the neighborhood. He is one of the smartest and sweetest dogs I have ever known. Even though he is tiny (weighing in at 13 lbs!) he has the attitude and heart of a lion. He has learned every trick we practice within one day. He even respects our chickens! We are so thankful to have this precious nugget because he makes us smile every day. Fearless and beautiful, he is truly a blessing!

Thank you Koni!

Ali Stillman

" Archie" He is a fun loving puppy he lives with Brittany and Matthew

" Sulley" Lives with the Frick Family.

Sulley is full of life and just loves everyone he meets. He loves being outside, going on walks and alot of frisbie playing! He is 33 pounds.

Daughter of Addie & Giovani 10-16

You will see her sister belowDaughter of Addie & Giovani 4-16

Hello Koni,

We believe he is full grown now and will just gain some weight as he ages. He is about 15 lbs and 15 inches tall to the top of his shoulder. He is about 1 inch shorter and 10 lbs less weight than our other mini aussie that is 9 years old. He comes from Giovanni and Classy.
Cooper thinks he's the big dog of the house but he is really the biggest baby. He was supposed to be a daddy's dog, but he is really a mama's boy. He cries when I leave him. He plays with our full size aussie that is 30 lbs, and he plays like he is the same size. He is definitely a BOY. He LOVES to be outside, especially if we are in the yard or the other dogs are out, but he is also very good at entertaining himself. I think he has become a little aggressive when he plays, but I think that is totally due to having a bigger dog in the house so he has to keep up. He does like to snuggle when he is not playing, he snuggles with us and with the other dogs.
We have not been able to meet with Abby, his sister yet, so no comparisons there. We did take him to puppy training since he liked to bite at our bigger dog that we adopted, and the dog trainer recommended Cooper come to class. He is very smart. He is a little afraid of strangers and other dogs at first, but when he realizes they are ok and will play, he is very playful. His favorite friend is my daughter's dog Rowan, a basset hound that is one. It is funny to watch that match up play...if you can imagine he also plays well with our daughter's cat who is just a year older than Cooper. They wrestle well together. He does NOT like squirrels. They pester him and chatter at him and he can't catch them :)

Laura Papish

Son of Bella & Kreedyn 8-13

Lucy celebrated her 3 year birthday on Sunday. She is a wonderful dog. She is very smart. It only took her 10 minutes to learn how to roll over.

Hi Koni! Well, it only took me 5 months to finally send you pix of my pups together. (Sorry!)  Red tri is Remy, 3.5 years old (parents are Magnum and Tam) and little Zeta is from Sadie and Coty’s litter on September 6th. She weighs 17 pounds (so far) and is SUCH a good dog (remember she was the mischievous troublemaker of the litter?). She was sociable, confident and playful with other dogs, independent but still affectionate and attached to her humans. It took a while for Remy to warm up to her, and she still definitely gets on his nerves, but they play and wrestle and nap together. So cute. Her eyes are marbled blue and brown...her coloring is just unbelievably gorgeous. We are so happy!!!

Take care! 
Wendy Valentine       

                                                                                                                                                                                                              The red tri is the son of Tam and Magnum

                                                                                                                                                                                                              The red merle is the daughter od Sadie and Coty          02-2019

This is Bailey
She loves to fetch all the time. Very smart we have taught her to sit, lay down, stay, and rollover. She learns very quickly. Very good helper when moving cows from one area to another. She gets very excited when she gets in the pin because she knows she gets to help push the cows. 
She is such a lover and loves to cuddle on our laps. She also loves to be with our farm cats and is gentle with them. When 'outsider' cats come on the farm she is a good guard for the farm cats and keeps the outsider cats away. 
Lastly, she loves to run. Every time she gets out of the pick up she takes laps around our buildings and comes straight back. 

Julie Hernandez

Daughter of Deja & Kreedyn 2-14

Daughter of Tam 7 Kreedyn 1-14

Son of Macy and Giovani 7-16

" Siena " lives with and works with Elisabeth Seaboch
I am using her as a therapy dog.....or PUPPY, as it were. She has some great natural abilities.

Hi Koni, 
I wanted to share....last weekend we were at our friend's mountain home and some cattle from a nearby ranch broke down a portion of their fence and came onto their property. Siena instinctively knew what to do and naturally gathered them together and herded them off the property and down the road. It was so fun to watch her and I was a very proud mommy. I may need to get her into some herding classes for fun! Hope you are well. She will be one year in a couple of weeks. The time went by very fast and she has developed into a great dog! I think I will always have mini-aussies now.....so don't ever stop breeding! haha.

Kreedyn 2-15

Maggie is the daughter Stella R.I.P 

Update! Hong is doing great. He got neutered and micro chipped. He completed his puppy classes and knows 11 commands. He will take the good citizen test next. He already knows everything it. We will attempt frisbee next.
Graceyn and Hong climbing Mt. Democrat. One of the Colorado 14ers!

Campbell Family

Hi Koni, 
I wanted to send you a picture of our little girl that we took home from you 4 years ago!! I can't even believe. Sadie (she was Trixie with you) is truly the love of our family! Everyone adores Sadie and more times than not, when I am out with her, someone will take a picture!
We are so thrilled with our baby and thank you for the love and care you and your husband gave her until we took her home. This is our first dog and I could not be happier!!
I think we were spoiled with how perfect of a puppy she was!!!
Our cat is bigger than she is!! You see her frisbee is never far from her! She's a master frisbee catcher...no lessons are anything. That's just her!

Thank you again and many blessings for your family.


HI Koni
I realized I didn't email you when Kaida turned 1! Here are some updates on how she's doing.
Her puppy playfulness is still in full swing, but she now prefers to fetch to any other form of play. She is wonderful with puppies, small dogs, and cats. She is good with children as well. She has a strong herding instinct and will attempt to herd other dogs and children when they run by her. She is unbelievably intelligent and learns new commands/tricks in under 20 minutes. At the dog park people frequently comment on how well-trained and intelligent she is ("you can see her thinking when she looks at you"). She is finally starting to overcome her fearfulness of some large dogs, and will even play if it is one on one.
As for strangers, she still growls at them but will warm up with encouragement and treats. She is a wonderful companion and definitely the best pet I've ever had.
Her coat is not fully grown in yet, and is visibly uneven in some areas, although the rest looks like it's beginning to fill in. She's around 20 lbs and definitely on the small end of the scale. Her build is very lean and athletic, especially compared to the other mini Aussies we've seen. I'll attach some photos for you.
Oh, and she absolutely is the perfect companion for me. She is disciplined, protective, affectionate and loyal. Everything I needed in an ESA. Since you're wanting to post a photo, I'll attach a few more for you to choose from, so you can find whichever you like the most.

  Thanks,     Kelsey Macknight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Daughter of Addie & Giovani 3-17

"Benji" I thought I would send you this picture of "Benji". At a little over 6 months he weighs 12.8 pounds, so he is going to be small. He is an absolute love - as sweet as he can be. He is very friendly and easygoing, and also very smart (he was housebroken within 3 weeks) and he loves going on mountain hikes. My daughter absolutely adores him!!
Thank you for this precious dog!!!
Celia Wool

 " Bear" lives with

the Dun family

Bear is the son of Sky

" Reggie" lives with the Hayko family. 

Morgan and Reggie are doing great in 4 H

Son of Lola & Koda and a brother to Kali

( Letter Happy Puppy buyer

Jip is now almost nine months old. She weighs 17 pounds and stands about 16 inches at the withers. She was spayed and micro chipped in early August and is up to date on all vaccinations.
Here’s a little summary of Jip’s life with us. She’s a dog that lives three lives - one in our urban home in Denver, one at a 60-horse boarding stables in Watkins, CO where I work part time and where we board our horses, and one at our ranch home in Salida, CO, where she has unlimited mountain freedom. What a life, eh? From day one, Jip has spent her life with the horses, the other ranch dogs and all the various clients. It’s taken her a while to learn about horses - to stay a safe distance away, but she’s done very well and has been out on several long trial rides with us already.
Jip is a regular participant in the local puppy obedience class in Salida where she has proven to be a very quick learner, but being a puppy, she’s easily distracted. On her walks back in the city, she’s very good at sit, stay, down - and so-so when it comes to the emergency recall. We’re working on it.
Her personality is one of a lively, energetic, curious, playful herding dog. She needs as much attention and activity as we can possibly give her, and still begs for more. She loves other dogs, people, and attention of any kind. She’d be an ideal agility dog since she loves to keep her mind and body going. She loves to be with us both all the time, but she’s also very good about being in her crate when we need to leave her for a few hours. She loves the car and truck.
It’s fair to say we had forgotten how much we didn’t know about raising a puppy, but we’ve both learned a lot and have come a long way. Jip is a wonderful little bundle of energy, cute as can be, and is a constant source of entertainment. Our lives would be pretty boring without her.
Hope all the rest of your brood is doing well and that all your pups have found as nice as home as Jip has. I’ll gladly provide any more information that can be of help to you.

Best regards,

Tony and Joli Rockwood

This is Schooner and Mia they are brother and sister from the same litter shows we get them in all sizes.

Hi Koni
We just wanted to write a thank you letter/update about our two fur babies Schooner and Mia. We couldn't have asked for two better dogs and also couldn't have asked for a better experience in getting them. We got them about a year ago when they were 8 weeks. We met them for the first time when they were only 2 weeks old. Koni was so great by sending us pictures as they grew up until the time we took them home. We can't thank her enough! Thanks again! We will keep in touch! 
Jaimie and Al

Koni and Dan,

Hi! We hope you and the dogs are well. We just wanted to send you an update and some pictures of Lexi. She is 7 1/2 months now and weighs 22.8 pounds and is 16 inches tall. It's hard to believe she has tripled in weight since we brought her home. She is doing great. We can leave her with complete freedom in the house when we are gone. She never has an accident and only chews on her toys. We spent a lot of time at our cabin this summer. She is our little fishing buddy. She follows us through the creek and stays out of the way. She loves to go hiking, playing fetch on land and in the water, can swim across the pond with no trouble at all, took her first dirt bike ride, and is learning to pick up her toys. We went Halloween costume shopping today. She behaved perfectly while I had her try on all the cute costumes trying to pick one (she looked adorable in all of them). We finally chose a devil. While in the checkout line, she decided that she wanted a stuffed pumpkin ( how could I say no after she was such a good sport?). She already knows that it is her "pumpkin". She is excelling in her obedience classes and we hope to start agility classes soon. Everyone still stops us to tell us how cute she is. Thank you so much for the most amazing puppy and companion. She is smart, funny, and beautiful. She has more personality than any dog I have ever met. We couldn't have picked a better dog.

Take care,
Michelle, Dale, and Lexi

This is Scott and Sindy little girls ( Savanna on the left is daughter of Sky) and

(Sheyenne on the right is the daughter of Tam)

This is Morgan
Morgan is now a year in a half. I can't imagine not having her. Morgan is amazingly smart with the cutest personality. She definitely runs our house hold. I thought I would send a picture of her ready for the Bronco game.

Jennifer Bowman
Pueblo, Co

Daughter of Tam & Kreedyn 4-14

Finn full sister is above picture & letter

Son of Bella and Magnum 1-16

Son of Kreedyn & Classy 7-15

Hi Koni, 
It's Sarah and Justin (we're the couple that took Lincoln home with us on April 4). As you already guessed, Lincoln is quite the big boy. We took him to the vet for his last check up on June 13 and he weighed 20 pounds! We don't know how big he is going to get, but we're just obsessed with him. He's honestly the best pup we could have asked for. He gets a ton of attention from us, our family and all of our friends. Everyone loves him, whenever we're out for a walk everyone stops us to compliment how good looking he is and how beautiful his markings are. I attached 3 pictures. The picture with Lincoln near the flowers was taken yesterday, the other two pics were taken about 2 weeks ago. It seems that every picture we take of him he is smiling :) 

Thanks again for letting us have him and we hope all is well with you two and all the dogs!

Sarah and Justin

Most of our puppy where fathered by Kreedyn and he is now retired to his new home. 
What a lucky boy to have this great couple that adores him 

Jip brother is in the above post

Daughter of Classy & Giovani   10-16

" Stella Mae "

" Tango" lives with Maria and her family

(Letter on Happy Puppy buyer)

Hi Koni!

I wanted to send a quick update on Denali. At 16.5 weeks, she is about 15 pounds and very leggy!  Her favorites activities include car rides and hiding socks and baby carrots throughout the house. She's very smart and gaining more confidence each day. She is such a sweetheart and I can't thank you enough!

Hope you are doing well.
Caroline Colliss 

Daughter of Sadie and Coty 8-19

Hi Koni! 
Here is our boy Baby face Finnster (Finn)!
Finn is a 16 week old beautiful pup with marbled eyes. This little guy brings so much joy to our 
household. He is a happy, lovable, cuddly and friendly guy. Finn really enjoys meeting new people and animals. He is very popular among our friends and family. 
Finn is a BIG fan of snow so we will be taking him on a lot of mountain trips this winter. He is a great 
travel companion, open to anything we put in front of him in life and a quick learner. We couldn’t be happier

Thanks Koni!

Nicole, Jon and Finn

"Jasper" on his 9 month birthday. He is a WONDERFUL dog and we love him dearly.

Linda and Roger

" Tee" living with Susan Gibbs. I am told his job is to keep the goats out of the flowers and doing a good job of it.

Hi Koni,
I wanted to give you an update on Pangea. He is the smartest, most lovable little pup. He is a very healthy boy and weighs 13.5 pounds right now at 17.5 weeks. He has done well with potty and kennel training, and he is getting really good at fetch. I can't wait to take an agility class with him. He absolutely adores the kitty and he is super friendly. I can't take him anywhere without people stopping to pet him and comment on his beauty and character. He has brought so much joy to my life, I truly can't thank you enough. Attached are some of my favorite recent pictures of him.
Thanks again,


Hi Koni! 
Wanted to send a little hello and tell you that Bivy has been settling in so nicely to our home!! We have been busy busy, having tons of fun exploring and making new friends! We have quickly found that taking him to any public place leads to a swarm of admirers around him! 

Will continue to send updates! Bivy says hi! 
Taylor and Allison Motsenbocker 

Son of Coty & Macy   8-19

" Tebow" is the blue merle is the son of Sky along with his half sister "Mia" red tri daughter of Lola. Live Sebastian and Amanda Gulder

Once a puppy buyer now friends. 
I fill very lucky to have made good friends thought our puppies. Dick is now 94 and his wife Verna 92 and yes they really are. They drove from the Castle Rock area which is a good 3 hour drive to show us Shadow the puppy they got from us 2 years ago. It goes to show your never to old to bring a new family member in to the family. I asked them how long have they been married it will be 70 year this Dec. All I can say is WOW.

Daughter of Classy & Hemi 8-16

It’s been a year or so since I sent you an update. She is the perfect companion for Axel and for me. Vailla Ann is now a registered Service Dog. Our daughter had twin girls on October 1st. We took both Axel and Vailla Ann on a road trip back to North Carolina.  She adapted wonderfully to every situation. We were in North Carolina for two months. I decided I wanted to take a flight back to Colorado instead of riding back across the country.  Stephen arrangements for Vailla Ann and I to have assistance from Charlotte NC to Dallas TX then to Durango, Colorado. Vailla Ann was perfect. She rode first class with me the first flight from Charlotte to Dallas and she had her own seat from Dallas, TX to Durango Colorado.  She didn’t bark, she was in my lap on both flights.  She is perfect,  she loves everyone she comes in contact with. Her Aussie markings are incredibly beautiful. The vet says she is in between a toy and mini Aussie. 
We have referred you to friends of ours here in Pagosa Springs Colorado. They have one son his name is Ryan. Ryan and Vailla Ann are best buds. 
Hope y’all are doing well? Thank you for Vailla Ann. 
Tonya Moor                                        Daughter of Zoe and Coty 12-19

Daughter of Bella & Kreedyn 8-14

Son of Hemi and Concho 8-15

 Son of Classy and Magnum 5-16

Daughter of Bella and Magnum 2-16

 Son of Bella and Giovani 9-16

Her sister is in the above post

Daughter of Addie and Giovani 4-16

Son of Deja & Kreedyn 10-13

Son & Daughter of Kail & Kreedyn 2-14 

We have been blessed to have not one, but two of Koni’s retired dogs. We have had Kali for two years. There is no question that she is a daddy’s girl. She will follow him everywhere and even has to sleep by his side at night. In February we were lucky enough to get Zoe. She is attached to momma. She won’t let mom out of her sight and loves to give cuddles to anyone who will let her. Zoe has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Kali and Zoe are extremely spoiled and aren’t considered dogs...they are our children. The girls love car rides, greeting people in the tax/bookkeeping office, helping in the pasture with our goats, being outside, and visiting family. They have added so much happiness to our lives and we truly don’t know what we would do without them.

 Nick and Kim Kali and Zoe                                   9-19

Son of Deja & Kreedyn 3-14

Hi Koni! Here's a couple update pictures of Cooper. He's growing into his forehead just fine ;) He knows sit, down, and almost has stay and come. He's basically potty trained besides the occasional accident. He's a little shy around other dogs (not scared) just not always the most energetic playfully puppy. He has a few friend dogs who he enjoys playing/running around with. Our apartment has lots of paths and nature trails around that we've been taking him on. He has adjusted to the apartment just fine. We've crate trained him and that's been incredibly easy. He will voluntarily sleep in his crate if we leave it open
So that's been helpful. Also took him on his first little hike in the foothills yesterday. He loved it!!! He also LOVES leaves. Can't wait to see how he likes snow! (If we ever get any)...

He has grown so much! He's gotten a lot taller in the past month. Every other Sunday he stays the day at my parents house since we both have to work, and they treat him like a grandchild. They take him everywhere. We really took your advise to heart about exposing him to as many new things/people as possible. He's slowly becoming a very social puppy. Everyone in our apartment complex knows his name because everyone stops to say hi to a puppy. He's been the perfect dog for us! We absolutely adore him. 

-Kaitlyn, Kayle, and Cooper

"Maija" I just wanted to drop you a quick note about my dog Maija. She has been the best, most sweet, friendly, happy, smart dog in the world. My life is fantastic with her. Thank you so much.
Mike Lowrimore

Hi Koni, 

It's Sarah and Justin (we're the couple that took Lincoln home with us on April 4). As you already guessed, Lincoln is quite the big boy. We took him to the vet for his last check up on June 13 and he weighed 20 pounds! We don't know how big he is going to get, but we're just obsessed with him. He's honestly the best pup we could have asked for. He gets a ton of attention from us, our family and all of our friends. Everyone loves him, whenever we're out for a walk everyone stops us to compliment how good looking he is and how beautiful his markings are. I attached 3 pictures. The picture with Lincoln near the flowers was taken yesterday, the other two pics were taken about 2 weeks ago. It seems that every picture we take of him he is smiling :) 

Thanks again for letting us have him and we hope all is well with you two and all the dogs!

Sarah and Justin

Hi, I wanted to check in and say how happy we are with Indigo. Thank you so much. He is the smartest sweetest and well adjusted puppy ever. He loves kids and adults and although he isn't finished with his shots he plays with my nieces Yorkie and they absolutely love each other. He has been house trained since we got him home and with some work, he can sit lay down, shake hands and high five. It is the cutest! Everywhere we go people stop to meet him, they take photos and oogle. He is amazing.

He is only ant 5.4 lbs so is on track to gain about 1 pound per month. He may be pretty tiny. He is the absolute BEST! Do you know how big his siblings are getting?

Hope you all are well. Thanks ago.


(Son of Addie & Giovain 11-16)

Hi Koni,

I’ve had a lot of dogs in my lifetime, and by far, Kreed is the most incredible one ever. Rich keeps asking me how we got so lucky. Attached are some photos. Keep in mind, we don’t spoil him at all. We never snuggle with him, we never play, tickle or allow him in our bed, and we did not buy him a Denver Broncos name tag. And, yes, I’m totally lying. :)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Simone & Rich

Daughter of Deja & Kreedyn 1-14

Hi Koni,

I hope you, Dan, and the dogs are doing well! I just wanted to give you an update on our little pup, Norma Jeane. She is the best little dog!! She loves loves loves to play, frisbee is her favorite! I take her with me to work everyday and she has made friends with another mini aussie named Dolly, they are the best! Haha I've attached some pictures for y'all to see just how pretty she is...
Thanks again!
Meredith & Matt

Hi Koni!
Hope you guys & the dogs are doing great! 
Just wanted to share with you/brag about our sweet boy we bought from you almost a year ago now!! 
This is Whiskey! (son of Kreedyn and Classy)
He's only 15lbs still! He's a mini mini Aussie! (we call him a double mini! haha)

He's playful and loves being around our horses. His big sisters have learned to love him and they play for hours! His favorite activity is finding sticks and destroying them! Silly boy. 
We couldn't imagine life without him! He also was a key role in our engagement! Chris surprised me a day early with him as he proposed to me! 
Thanks again for our special boy!

Danelle Jameson

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Please make sure to leave a message if you don't get me. 

Heath is a great addition to our family. Koni has been helpful and kind as I had several questions after bringing him home. I highly recommend this breeder!

Karlyn Carpenter

Heath lives with the Carpenter family what a great loving family he has.

Stella Mae with her best pal Maks

Son of Bella & Kreedyn 7-15

Son of Tam & Kreedyn 11-13

Daughter of Macy and Giovani 8-16

( Her brother is pictured below)

Emon and Koa (son and daughter of Deja and Coty) are now just over 19 weeks old.  At the vet today, Emon (our chunky boy) weighed in at 22.16lbs and is little sister Koa weighted in at 10.81lbs.   He is more than twice her size!   They are doing awesome!   They get along very well, and have been working on obedience, and love going to the dog park and on lovely long walks.  They get lots of attention everywhere they go, and people can’t believe they are litter-mates.   Awesome dogs.    When playing fetch, Koa can outrun Eoiu\n every time. And we can’t tell you how much we love our new family members.   Thank you so much for everything.   Hope you are doing well.

 Son is the blue merle daughter red merle of Deja and Coty  03-19